the spread.png

Players are scattered around the field as lone wolves or in pairs and every man fends for himself. Shoot enemy players to bring them to your side. Games end with all players on one team. 

  • Once hit, a player is out, however they must go toward the player who hit them.
  • An out player touches the player who hit them and joins their team.
  • Players who are out can't swap teams until they are back in, so do not shoot at them.
  • Players continue to swap teams when hit, regardless of how many times they have swapped
  • Game ends with all players on one team.

This game suits 3-16 players. The intensity is very high from the get go. Players placed in the middle of the field must respond quickly to multiple threats, while players at either end must be aggressive to avoid being overwhelmed later on in the game. The Spread is one of our favorite game types and is highly recommended.