Not so much a scenario as a firing squad. In your typical firing squad the target dies, as paintballs are non lethal we give our target the chance to run away. One to three players make a daring run for freedom across the ridge of the field toward safety and freedom.

  • 1-3 players (runners) start at the back of the field.
  • The Shooters spread out against one side of the ridge.
  • Shooters cannot move from their positions and/or give chase.
  • The runner/s must run through across the ridge of the field. 
  • As soon as a runner starts the other players may fire as much as they like, from their position.

Gauntlet is only recommended for those groups with a special someone. Be that special person; a stag, hen, birthday-boy or just someone who thinks they are tough. The game suits 6+ people, the more people the harder it is and we recommend compensating by having more players as runners. Often we will put players who complete the gauntlet as defenders for a game of Outlast for some retaliatory fun.