We Need You!

We have a wonderful staff environment here at Paintball Corp. With many of our staff being students there are plenty of opportunities to slide into our workforce. Whether you have never played before or want to work to improve your access to the sport we want you.


What it's like working for us;

Seasonal, we open 364 days a year rain or shine but we certainly get busier Nov-March, If you can't work Nov 01-Dec 20 don't bother applying.


Long hours, During our peak we are booked 9am-9pm with 2 hours of set up and pack down each side, we endeavor to split these shifts up but as the days reduce in length some shifts may not be ideal to split.

Short hours, well we have a commission scheme that gives you shift bonuses which help mitigate short shifts but generally a shift isn't less than 5 hours when it is the minimum is 3 hours.

Beginning staff will work on field until they pas their field tests and then graduate to depot duty which involves pick up of equipment from the depot and clean up etc.
You can expect when you start to work about 15 hours a fortnight and move up to 40 hours a fortnight or 80 depending on availability and proficiency. This is also seasonal.

We roster in the winter 2 FTE (full time equivalents) worth of work and in summer its up to 6 FTE with a roster floating about 4 in winter to 8 in summer.


Pay - We pay minimum wage plus commission, thats not because we want to pay minimum wage, its because we want to pay for performance. $2 above minimum is about standard with exceptional workers earning as much as $15 above minimum wage (current record for a 60 hours fortnight).  Some bonuses are on sales such as $2 per pod sold, some are based on reviews, some are based on cleanup etc, they are accumulative and we want you to get the maximum in all areas, as that means you are doing your job correctly.



  • Full Drivers licence - ability to drive manual vehicles
  • Ability to work late sat and sun and work both sat and Sun.
  • Access to your own vehicle to get to any of our three site (Grenada, Maungaraki, Pomare)



  • Presentable, Personable
  • First aid training
  • Multi Lingual
  • Flexibility to work random hours.


First shift

Your first appearance at paintball Corp will be a ghost shift, you will turn up at the depot and follow a senior staff member for the day.
We will perform an evaluation of you but most importantly see if you like the job.

Your Boss

  • Owns the business
  • Has an in depth understanding of the business
  • Strives to improve wherever possible (which means lots of changes)
  • Works from home, investing in a property which suits the depot and an office.
  • Is hands off, allowing staff to work and make decisions.
  • Is hands on, when there is an overflow of bookings he will work to relieve the stress.