Join us at isolation Hill for your work function today.

Paintball can be the perfect solution to your isolation issues within your workforce. Bring your team closer together through cooperation, survival and adrenaline.

Paintball provides a physically, mentally and emotionally visceral experience that will catalyze bond formation within your team. Which is all to say no other experience will provide the proper groundwork for effective team building. Just like forging an exquisite tool, your team needs to be put through the fire and hammered into shape.


Many people are afraid of playing paintball, and as a sport designed specifically to push people out of their comfort zone that makes sense. But don't let that stop them from giving it a go. Getting out there on the field and working as part of the team to overcome real and practical anxieties is one of the best results paintball can give to people. You will be amazed at what people can achieve when they are give the support of their peers 


Many teams have wolves, personalities that feed on conflict. Far from being an opportunity to thrive, paintball is the perfect situation to hammer these those traits out of your team. Paintball forces team work and punishes the loan wolf. So dont fear that you will see an ugly side to your coworkers. 

Quartermaster Fee Caps

Whenever work pays for a work function we will cap the payable Quartermaster Fees. Here at Isolation Hill the maximum Quartermaster Fee payable is $320 when pre paid, That means any additional players will receive their entry and equipment for free. Check out how this affects the standard Prices Here